Jarey Mobile

Business Partner and Case Study

Business Partner:Jarey Mobile
Build a private cloud fleet management system overnight
with QNAP NAS.
Application:GPS system
Company website:http://www.cloud-tracker.com
  • Currently, there are two dominant fleet management systems in the market:
      1. A standalone system built by enterprises based on their needs, and they need to maintain and manage the system.
      2. A client-server based system, and all customers share the same online service platform.
  • Jarey Mobile has integrated QNAP Turbo NAS into its mobile satellite fleet management platform. Customers who purchase the in-vehicle client devices are provided with the backend administration platform service, and Jarey Mobile will further assist customers to deploy the satellite fleet management system.
  • Private enterprise cloud and independently managed platform:
      1. No platform administration fee, highly reliable, private and extremely scalable.
      2. Ideal for SMBs with a fleet of 5 to 20 vehicles.
  • Jarey Mobile revolutionized the public cloud business model adopted to develop the traditional satellite based fleet management approach, and it is much more effective:
      1. QNAP private cloud + real time push notification service platform + mobile app + in-vehicle device
      2. Free mobile app and fleet management program and no monthly fee on platform rental.
      3. With apps designed for use on smart phones, business owners can keep themselves up to date about vehicle locations.
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