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Business Partner:Taipei Tokyo Image & Information Co., Ltd.
Building personal e-bookshelf and creating e-textbooks are as simple as walking in a park!
Application:e-book system
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Multimedia learning materials and e-learning service

Through EcocatCMS and iTutor, users can rapidly create multimedia learning materials and their efficiency is greatly enhanced (no complicated app development expertise or and APK know-how required.)

Viewers can watch finished contents on all sorts of popular platforms, such as PC, iPhone, iPad, or Android handsets without downloading any app or APK. The contents can be produced as tutorial videos, interactive quizzes or any downloadable documents.

Achieve the goal of “online PDCA and end-to-end e-learning service” with the progress evaluation and analysis feature.


iTutor – a convenient e-book creation tool

Three reasons why iTutor is a must-have
Reducing workload by 1/3 simply choose a document or create a screencast.
Cutting down labor cost by 1/3  compared to the outdated process in which users need to spend days trying to edit and produce learning videos, iTutor will automatically record the production process, and users can easily produce videos to cut down the labor cost.
Saving time by 1/3 no more tedious processes such as copying, snapshotting, pasting, or converting captured images, iTutor can eliminate all repetitive tasks for users.

Exclusive cloud based e-bookshelf

Users can choose to manage and upload their e-books to the e-bookshelf
The e-bookshelf can be personalized based on preferences.
Administrators can set up e-bookshelves for chosen book categories.
Google Analytics is integrated with the e-bookshelf.
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