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Business Partner:IEIMobile
QNAP NAS+IEI Mobile Deploy a product traceability cloud with no sweat
Application:RFID/Barcode Warehouse Management System
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Surging labor cost, theft and stealing, inefficiency in inventory management and back order are tough challenges facing the retail industry nowadays. Fortunately, the RFID technology can alleviate operational bottlenecks and manpower wastes caused by manual scan processes, and conserve corporate resources to improve operational efficiency. That is why IEIMobile replaced the complicated embedded servers that require dedicated technicians for system setup and maintenance in outdated warehouse management systems with QNAP Turbo NAS. After this powerful upgrade, the IEIMobile RFID/Barcode warehouse management system not only offers a friendly user interface, but also cuts down total cost of ownership. Typical scenarios of IEIMobile RFID deployment include the followings:

  • Boutique: with RFID tags attached to high price items, shop owners no longer need to manually count the inventory stocks or worry about crimes such as shoplifting, and they can keep up-to-date about the latest product quantity at all time.
  • Hotel and lodging industry: take quilt and comforter replacement as example, hotels can use RFID tags to precisely calculate the frequency that quilts and comforters are washed and time that the next batch of clean quilt and comforter will be delivered.

If customers already have an ERP system deployed, it can also connect to one or more NAS devices directly and ERP technicians are not required to learn how data is exchanged between a handheld barcode scanner or fixed mount barcode scanner. All related data exchange activities are handled by the NAS. The NAS instantly becomes the central hub for all data collection points, and related communication mechanisms are deployed by IEIMobile.

Additionally, if cost is a concern, a general purpose Barcode system is also available. IEIMobile has put together an array of product solutions featuring industrial handheld and tablet based data collecting devices that run on Windows CE, Windows Mobile or Android and can be used with the NAS.

With apps (QPKG) and the reliable download and rapid update services offered at the built-in App Center, mini-shops or stores and warehouses that do not onsite IT staff can finish system upgrade and maintenance within the shortest timeframe possible.

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